Les rêveries du retraité solitaire

Les rêveries du retraité solitaire

Letter From My Great-Great Grandfather to His Newlywed Wife in 1839

Ormskirk, 7th August 1839



Dearest Ellen,


I don't know if my love will expect a letter from me, but I know my Ellen will have pleasure in receiving one giving her an account of her love's proceedings since he left her.  Well he arrived at Ormskirk and found them discuping their tea after the fatigue of preparing the stall for the following morning. You can imagine the meeting of your Aunt and Mrs. Maples, your imagination having prefigured the interesting event and I can assure you the picture could not be overdrawn.  Your sister Betsey was awaiting our arrival at your Aunts and seems greatly pleased at my staying with her.  She was highly amused with the note you wrote her by Pyarea and says she will procure you the herbs you require but says she does not heed the warning of not persuading me to stay over Thursday, but I shall endeavor to get off tomorrow evening by the mail and if I find I cannot accomplish that you may expect me certain by the Market Coach on Friday morning.  There have been numberless enquiries after you. Now for an account of the Bazar, it seems to have surpassed their most sanguine expectations and the sum realized yesterday nearly reaches 300 pounds which exceeds the receipts of the first day of the previous Bazar.  I secured your jar it is beautiful and price I paid for it 25p - I thought reasonable and I have purchased several other small articles one of which is a small patchwork quilt made by Miss B. Wilbrahaus.  The dolls went off like hot rolls, the noble Mrs. Wilbrahaus bought your Gentleman in a silk coat for 3p. The Rev. Mr. Hesketh bought Jack for 4p and Pyarea doll brought 4p and I forget the price of the others.  Miss Kempe bought Mary's collar for 8p.  Mrs. Swift's chair was the general admiration of the Company it was very handsomely made up in rosewood and brought 7 pounds by raffle, and was won by Mr. Lees of Southport.  Mr. Kershaw had the good fortune to win a buffet worked by Lady Stanley valued at 4 pounds also raffled for.  But I must reserve full particulars until I see you as Mrs. C. would say I have a deal of news of one kind or another.  I trust my love has taken care of herself and that I shall find her quite well on my return.  I suppose your sister will remain with you until Friday. 


God bless you and preserve you to your dearest





 I must send you a kiss x


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